About me - Vladlena Taraskina
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Vladlena Taraskina is an entrepreneur and digital strategist from Vienna, Austria. An innovative and impassioned professional, an overview of Vladlena’s career illustrates a rare capacity to deliver exceptional results across multiple projects.


A graduate of the University of Warwick, and the University of Vienna (the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna), formal and informal education has underpinned Vladlena’s career since the start; and continues to serve as an ongoing resource today.


In the earliest years of her working life, Vladlena worked as a business development manager for I-Jet Media, and as an investment analyst for 3TS Capital Partners. This period proved to be invaluable to Vladlena’s rapid growth and the acquisition of new skills, playing an active role in the growth of the gaming company, while also gaining foundational experience in the financial world.


This experience informed her decision in 2010 to found Rusni, her own startup, and a business that quickly won renown for the successful raise of seed money for over 100 projects in Russia. This led to her subsequent founding of Key to Office – an online B2B marketplace – in 2012, and Botmanufaktur (an Agency specialised in Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence) in 2017.


Throughout each and every venture, Vladlena has used her skill set and expertise capably. With a specialisation in digital strategy and growth, Vladlena has effectively combined a leading technical skill set in online marketing, programming, and UX design, with warm interpersonal skills, strong leadership abilities, and efficient management and administrative talents.


Multilingual (German, Englisch, Russian, Polish), with an ongoing interest and engagement within the European startup community, Vladlena keenly served as a consultant and advisor to other businesses in tandem to her own ventures.


Vladena always welcomes enquiries and can be contacted via InMail and also via email vtaraskina@gmail.com