After you have decided on your business model, it is important to start building an MVP. What is an MVP? – it is a minimum viable product. A minimal version of your product or a service which you can build up quickly and can start testing it with your customers.

For example if it is an online platform, create it just with few main features like a list of all products with contact forms. And build the rest of the features later. You will need to have a hypothesis which you want to test with your MVP. For example – Mothers in city X need a platform to find and arrange babysitters.

Why is this a good idea? It is a good idea because you do not know yet know well your customers but have an assumption and before you invest too much time building something no one might like, it is a good idea to test a minimal version of it and get feedback of what works for customers and what not.

Do not worry about being too unprofessional. Fake it until you make it is my advice here. If you are offering a product and do not have it yet, make a website and let people preorder it – you will straight away see if there is a demand for it.
If it is a service – start offering it to few people and do the whole process manually yourself. For example, you want to build a platform which will enable people to find babysitters easily? – start by manually matching babysitters and your customers over the phone and email and simple website. After you know and actually talked to both sides, you will know much better than before what is important and what is not, which services you should offer and which not, which issues to address.

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