I am going to discussĀ the first steps you need to take in order to build up your marketing strategy.

After you have identified your target group it is time to get to work and make a concrete plan on how you will reach your first customers.

It is always a challenge to decide where to start, so my advice would be to start with a plan. I will first give you an overview of your plan and then go into more details about each of the instrument available for you. After you can decide which is more relevant to your business.

So there are several options for you broadly speaking there is Outbound marketing – this is when you sell your product to your customers through different channels (like Traditional Advertising, Online Advertising – Google Adwords, Facebook Adwords, Social Media etc.) and there is Inbound Marketing – this is when customers find you themselves and express interest in your business (for example start following your blog, sign up through Email forms collecting emails on your website etc.)

There has been more and more turn toward Inbound marketing due to the reason that it does not interrupt the day flow of your customers and the attention is earned organically. And we are more and more targeted by information from all sides, more and more people will start being more selective in terms of what information goes through to us. So you need to work on creating content your customers will love and choose.

So where do you start. How do you start growing your customer and fan bases? I will give you an overview of the Inbound Marketing tools you have which you can start implementing from the very beginning.

From the very beginning you can start positioning yourself as an expert in the topic you have chosen by writing a blog. Writing a blog is time consuming however will in the long term be one of the winning strategies if you do it well and produce quality content. What do I mean by quality content? This content has to be authentic, interesting and animating for a discussion. You goal is to engage people with your blog article and it has to be awesome enough so they decide to share it with their friends.

From the very beginning you should also start positioning your business well with google and start doing SEO. If you have chosen to do your website in WordPress, then there are special Plugins (the best one is Yoast SEO) which will help you to position your site. SEO is a very big topic and there are loads of resources which you can read about it. The easiest way to start is to start creating landing pages which contain keywords relevant to your traffic (with high traffic) and start building up links which point to your site (this can be other bloggers, newspapers, mentions) This will be a good starting point, however you will need to work really hard and learn more about it. I provide a list of resources where you can learn about it.

So to sum up, I would advise you to try out different Marketing instruments in the beginning. Allocate a budget and start investing in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, building up your social media presence, building up SEO. Within next half a year, you will see with channel is bringing you the most leads (people who want to buy your product or a service) and how many of those you can convert. The channel which brings you the most, should then become your main focus.

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