Women generally speaking have naturally a very good intuition when it comes to making decisions. The best and most successful businesses have started out of a passion or a hobby, something you love doing. If you have something like this and you know how to make money with it. Great, I can not give you any more advice.

However what can you do if you are not sure what your passion is and you do not have any interest in particular. I have had the same problem for many years, I was very much influenced by what the society expects me to be interested in (in a business school it is usually financial markets and working in the City of London or working in a face PR or Marketing agency) so I wanted the same. After trying out the traditional career paths with fancy names I have realised that it is not my  piece of cake and I do not enjoy doing it. I have started to analyse what I am passionate about and what I love doing.

How to find your passion? Do this exercise.

So how i did it was I took a time off – you can find a quiet spot in your apartment or go to you favourite cafe, sit down with a hot cup of coffee and make a list of things you ever loved doing – as a kid, teenager, what do you love doing now? which topics interest you? What do you love about your current job? What do you love to talk about with your friends? The list has to get long and there are no wrong answers, all your thoughts have to be there.

Think of where you spend money yourself on as percentage per year, it could be a good starting point. Since you are the target market yourself, it will be easier for you to understand and target this market.

After you have done this close your eyes and ask yourself which of those would make you happy if you do it everyday? Which one would make you happy despite all the difficulties, rejections and challenges you are going to face (there is no way around it) Doing which one would after 10 years you will not regret doing?

How to fail by starting a business you are not passionate about.

And i can not tell you enough how important it is to choose to do what you actually love. I understand that money is an important motivation, so it is for me. However a goal just to earn money will not sustain you through the hard times. Your mission has to be bigger than yourself and motivate you to get up every single morning and do what you need to do.

I have started a business just for the aim to earn money. And it has failed. Very easy and simple, you can think it is the execution (hiring better people, having investing more, having more PR or social media exposure) or you could do it better. But in reality it is very simple – I was not passionate about it, I did not have a mission.

So after you have identified one or two passions of yours let me tell you how to build a business out of it.

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