I am not a fashion expert to give you advice on how to dress, however I want to give you few tricks which helped me  in leading your business.

It is a man’s world out there and when going out there you have to be aware of your appearances and how they can harm or help your business. You will also be in the first moment judged by how you look

How you dress is a very personal matter, so I do not want to intrude, I will just tell you the things which worked for myself and you can decide for yourself.

Since I started to be in business from a very young age, it was important for me to look older. To do so I have gotten rid of all the jeans and formless clothes and have equipped my wardrobe with several very simple one color dresses. They are very closed and go lower then my knees. This is great, because you can wear them for any occasion and you could add a personal element like a scarf, bag or bracelet.

In my opinion it helps then you have just one accent and otherwise keep it very simple so the attention of your business partners are on what you’re saying and not on how you look.

I also have a white shirt and several black skirts and trousers. Here there is a trap to start looking like a office manager or secretary. You have to be careful not to fall into the trap and always look like a boss.

So it helps to have expensive accessories, good expensive bag and shoes and most importantly the confident look 🙂 The choice of shoes is also very important, they have to be closed and it would be better if you have a small hill.

In regards to the hair in order not to disturb anyone I bind them behind and make sure no hair comes out flying. The make up should as well be minimal and shouldn’t stand out too much.

Feel comfortable and confident in what you wear, shouldn’t look unnatural.

But I repeat the choice of your style is truly personal matter.

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