The reality is that nowadays literally almost every business owner needs a website and this has been a tricky part for me, because I thought as lady I can not do it (so I have been told) BUT after many unsuccessful experiences with programmers I said – that is it and have learned it myself. And you know what it is not so difficult after all, so in this lecture I will give you them main options on your quickest way to a beautiful website and tell you how to do it.

So, where do we start? There are different options when it comes to creating a website. You could hire a programmer, but doing a website is actually a very good exercise to formulate your business offer again and not be dependent in the future when you want to change a paragraph in your text.

The easiest option is to use site like for example Square space which help you build a website from a template and you would not need to bother about hosting your site, because they take care of it for you. It starts from 8USD per month and looks absolutely beautiful. Fixed amount and no problem

If you want something more sophisticated and to have more control over you site your could choose WordPress.

The best tool which I know is WordPress. It has great templates and loads of awesome plugins which would enhance your website and could add additional functionality if you need it.

Find a theme with demo content at themeforest, which is most similiar to what you want to do. Buy the theme.

Find a hosting provider with a C panel like for example Bluehost, which enables you one click installation. Some packages would also include 1 domain for free. So you can purchase your domain name from your hosting provider. The process is self explanatory, but they also have tutorials and support so they can help you out.

Learning how to do websites with wordpress is time consuming, but is a great asset and will make you independent in the future.

When it comes to the design of your logo and yourstyle, you could also do it yourself if you can but  I would advise you to hire a specialist to create the initial branding for your logo, develop main colors and images which you can use then in the future yourself.

There is a great site called 99designs, where you can post your task and designers will offer you designs from which you can choose from. Alternatively you could hire a freelancer (check out his/her work before hand)
After you have your design it is important to stay consistent and to use the same logos and font, this will help you to create an image in the head of your customer and make your brand more recognisable.  

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