Translating Technology into Business Models

We help you to understand latest innovations and translate it into business models targeting millennial women.

Why target us

75% of the world’s discretionary spendings will be controlled by women by 2028

1/3 of all businesses globally will be owned and run by women.

Women are 19% more likely to be running companies valued at more than 1bn $ valuation compared to men.

The Time is Now

Grow your business through innovation targeted at millennial women. We will help you to identify, explore and develop business models that go beyond ordinary. We develop prototypes and execute the models in close cooperation with your product team.


We identify and explore new innovative business models for your business


We develop business strategy and build strong business cases


We build prototypes and execute the business strategy

Why us?

We combine experience in startups and innovative business development with the knowledge of women millennials. We understand motivation of our generation of women. Our mission is to empower women through innovation.

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