So you have this great idea in your head, which you already discussed with your friends and family, what now? Now is the time to get it all on paper. At the end of the day you will need to have your one sentence pitch to convince your first customers and to communicate to the outside world.  I will tell you how to formulate your business idea in one sentence. It does not have to be perfect in the beginning but you need to have it.

Sit down with a piece of paper and start writing down a story about what you do. For example, I own a small shop which sells designer jewellery or I have an online shop to sell awesome shoes. You could also draw it, draw yourself, your product, your customers.

Look at your text and start curling out keywords which you think are the most important. Don’t worry there can be many of them. When you have your keywords, you can start forming your business offer in one sentence.

Here is the formula on how to do it best.  Ideally, it should start with the name of your company and one, two words about what it is. The second part of the sentence should be to who you offer the services or product and the final part is why your product is awesome, unique, why people should purchase it.

Company X – is an online marketplace for travellers to list, find and book unique accommodation worldwide. – Airbnb


You can change the last three parts around, but it is important that all of them are included in your sentence. Try to use as few words as possible to keep your pitch short. Also do not use any jargon to make the sentence easily understandable for your customers and partners.

You will only have few seconds to catch the attention and you better use it well. So again no unnecessary words or generic adjectives like first, great etc. Keep it short and simple. (KISS)

The one sentence pitch will change while you go along building a business, so do not worry about making it extra perfect. Make the best you can at the moment, most important is that people understand you and perfection it on the way.

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