I would like to tell you my love story with social business. But first of all, let me define social business for those who is not familiar with it. Social business is a business which aims to solve a social problem. Basically while making profits it is main goal is to make the world a better place. The examples of problems could be inequality, poverty, hunger, water shortage, access to education and many many others.

There are more and more people in the world who realise that mere profit orientation is not bringing us as society any further, but rather widening the inequality gap. So more and more people set up their businesses in a way to solve some serious problems and use technology and Internet to do it.

I have discovered the concept for social business in 2010 and it made a perfect sense for my business school mind with awareness of world problems. So during this time I have decided I need to get involved and do apply my knowledge and experience to solving a social problem. I was born and raised in Russia, in the Ural province which lies around 1800 kilometres east of Moscow. Before I moved to the UK, and I have seen and  lived through the many social problems was facing to name the few: unemployment, orphanage children, education system, alcoholism, drug abuse and so on and so forth.

I saw social business as a perfect fit, so in 2010 I have started to introduce the concept of social business in Russia and have started the first social crowdfunding website in Russia. Basically, we have helped raise money for businesses with social purpose. During this time I have met incredibly courageous and innovative people who choose to do social businesses. And there were working, making stable profits those businesses grew and were hiring people.

I wanted to tell you all this in order to give you a thought that maybe a business you want to start could be a social business. This decision is 100% personal and it is your personal choice. 

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